By the good grace of God i escaped the brainwashing and indoctrination.
Exposing the satanic cabal that rule us all.


Watch “Flat Earth … Shut up and Watch” on YouTube


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  1. All fluids will ALWAYS find their Level. Water covers 71% of earth, all ocean’s are connected.
    The Horizon rising to eye level no matter high you are, can only happen on an extended plane.
    There is NO Proof of Motion or Curvature.
    Eclipses happen because the sun and moon are the same size and local. The Heavens above have very strict flight paths which mankind has used for many millenia on land and at sea to be able to find his way home. Nothing has changed in 6,000 years of recorded time.
    Full moonlight is 3°- 5° colder in direct view than in the shade of full moonlight. The moon provides it’s own cool white light. This is a proven FACT you can TEST yourselves.
    The sun is a yellow/orange and a warm/hot light.
    Nasa LIES.
    We’ve all been LIED to about everything.
    Question what you are being told to be true or not, your choice sheeple.

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