Who, Me….??? — We see as through a glass darkly

So, once again I have really lapsed with writing on the ol’ blog, but today I hope to try and explain a bit about why that has been the case, and share a little about the curious position I am now finding myself in at the moment. For several years I was plugging away here […]

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God's Creation, Intelligent Design.

By the Good Grace of GOD iam now awake and aware, enough about me. The Natural Dynamics of water/fluids is they will always find their Level. Water covers 71+% of earth. There is no curvature to water/fluids, period. God's Creation. The Bible is correct, Intelligent Design. We have PURPOSE. Get back to The Truth, Creation. Read Genesis through Revelations, Old Testament, 1Enoch, Books of Jubilee, Yasher and Giants. This is the next Logical Step... http://badquaker.com